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This page is a review and bonus of the Trinity Code Program, which was developed by Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. If you are searching for something else then click below if you are looking for:

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Now before we jump into our review and bonus, we need first to spot the light on the guys who invented this system: Tim, Steve and Aidan.

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey

This renowned businessman ventured into the internet marketing arena in 2003. After failing to achieve his internet marketing goals using the information products that were available at the time, Godfrey began the quest of designing an internet marketing product that could resolve the challenges facing individuals who want to make money online.  At the time, Godfrey specifically focused on designing information products that he could promote and sell through platforms such as ClickBank.

Eventually, this innovative internet marketer succeeded in creating an internet marketing information product in the form of an e-book that he sold online via ClickBank for a price of $24. At the time that Godfrey launched his information product using a funnel like that illustrated in the Traffic Genesis training, there was a high demand in the market for this type of product. As such, this determined marketer made a fortune in sales. After creating his e-book, Godfrey continued to pursue his passion for e-commerce by joining the online gambling industry where he managed numerous affiliate websites.

In recent years, Godfrey has continued to generate an income by creating effective internet marketing materials that help budding internet marketers to succeed as online entrepreneurs. For instance, Godfrey has launched products such as Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint in collaboration with other marketers. These two information products offer information and tools that aspiring entrepreneurs can utilize to create an online business that will grow steadily and generate income on a regular basis. Additionally these products also offer good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that online business owners can use to achieve a high-ranking among the popular sites on online search engines.

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

One of the distinctions between Clayton and most other successful online marketers is that fact that Clayton had a long career in the corporate world where he was highly successful before venturing into online business space. Clayton was able to use the expertise and understanding of business marketing strategies he learnt while in corporate sector to launch a successful online marketing business.

Clayton’s Internet marketing career began when he launched an internet marketing company known as ‘Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting’. Through this company, this ambitious marketer created different internet marketing products and SEO tools that he sold via ClickBank. Recently, Clayton launched his new product- SEO blueprint. This product offers valuable information of the use Search Engine Optimization to market e-businesses effectively. The SEO blueprint is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market currently and it includes components such as Blog Blueprint, Link Blueprint and Article Blueprint to meet the specific needs of different types of online entrepreneurs.

Besides the SEO-Blueprint, Clayton has also created products such as the Info Prodigy and Niche blueprint in collaboration with fellow internet marketer Godfrey. The Niche Blueprint is an information product that offers a step-by-step guide on how one can create, maintain, and promote a successful e-commerce store. On the other hand, the Info Prodigy offers e-business owners advice on the most effective techniques of creating and marketing products by offering insights into how Clayton and Godfrey create and advertise their products successfully.

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth

Booth is an Internet marketer who has created information products such as 1 on 1 Coaching, Authority Hybrid, Page One Evolution, and Rank and Pillage. Booth’s “Rank and Pillage,” which was released in 2011, is a highly informative product that offers aspiring internet entrepreneurs a guide to establishing successful online business ventures. On the other hand, ‘Authority Hybrid’ offers a comprehensive look at the most successful internet marketing techniques that entrepreneurs can use to generate more wealth fast.

One of the key reasons for the huge success of Booth’s information products, is the fact that this successful online entrepreneur derives the information in these products from his intimate knowledge of internet marketing practices and strategies. Even though the use of information products such as ‘Rank and Pillage” does guarantee the success of new entrepreneurs, new online business owners who follow the advice and training offered in Booth’s products can learn how to stay motivated and consistently use effective marketing techniques even if they do not get immediate results.

The Trinity Code Review

So, what is The Trinity Code?

The Trinity Code

The Trinity Code Logo

It is a new business model developed by these three men which allowed them to make $500,000 only from a single niche via a network of unique sites. The traffic they have driven to these sites are FREE but not SEO. They illustrate how to generate this type of traffic by taking specific opportunities which you’ll learn how to find.

The system is divided into 3 components; the training; 6 weeks of step-by-step live training like the eFormula Evolution training Course, the software (which they use to organize the traffic opportunities and the entire business) and the personal help from these three gentlemen. More about this to come soon.

Free Video Series and PDFs

Aidan, Steve and Tim have decided to release a video series and PDFs composed of 3 videos (which you can watch for free without even giving your email) Escape from GoogleTrazand 3 other materials like PDFs and software (1 for each video) but you need to just enter your email to download the PDFs and the software. This series has information better than what you find in some paid courses. First video and PDF have been released and the PDF is really a game-changer.

First Video & PDF: The first video is not that important as it shows Steve and Aidan in Steve’s private plan then in a boat where Steve talks about the idea of the product and what type of results they achieved. The real awesomeness is in the PDF “Escape From GoogleTraz” (well, there’s some similarity between Google and Alcatraz as in both, if you are in then no way out!). This 11 pages guide discusses the new paradigm of online business in 2013 and beyond, They address the death of SEO and how building a business based on it is a lost battle.

After that, they discuss some new traffic generation strategies and how you can use them to generate a good steady income (they generated $517,000 from one single site). The traffic methods in this guide can be applied immediately for any offers you have. There’s a surprise free tool inside which acts with one of these traffic methods and once you download the PDF, you will automatically enter into a prize contest where you could win a number of Apple products as well as $2500 in cash.

Click Here to Watch Video 1 and Download PDF 1

Second Video & Software:This time it is not a PDF, it is a free software. In the video, Steve illustrates an overview of the “Crowd Force” software and its Crowd Forcerole to generate targeted traffic to any website. There’s another video which is a tutorial of using the software and then comes the software itself. You’ll be able to download and activate a lite version of the software where only the “forum” module is activated (there are many other modules like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,…etc). The software itself is what will get you the traffic you want, all you need to do is to type your targeted keywords and it will get you all the places where your keywords are mentioned (in lite version, it will bring all forums’ threads with your keywords). Then you enter the conversation and promote your site (tip from me: If you even want to play SEO, this will enable you to get backlinks from related posts).

Click Here to Watch Video 2 and Download FREE Software


Third Video: This video connects the dots and reveals the code. In other words, Aidan Booth reveals what The Trinity Code exactly is in this video. I won’t talk too much about it, go and watch it now (it is short one).

Click Here to Watch Video 3

 Important: The above 3 videos are not available after the launch day (4th September)

The Product

The Trinity Code teaches people how to replicate an affiliate marketing business model that Aidan, Steve and Tim have used to make as much as $500,000 from one site as you have seen in the first video above. The overall idea of this system which you will learn is to do market research then set up mini networks of graphics-based niche related sites ), then drive traffic to these networks for free (No PPC or SEO) using the ‘Crowd Force’ software. Then rinse and repeat.

Mini-Network means to find a niche then find 3 sub-niches then find offers and set up a separate site for each one then interlinking all sites. After that you use the software to drive traffic to one of the sites (depending on the traffic source), presenting an offer to the visitor, then getting people out to the other sites as well.

The Training:

As a member you’ll receive a 6 week web-class consisting of training webinars which will run through each stage of the process. In addition, there will be around 30 videos, PDF manuals, business planning kits which will show people how to scale up to big profits over a 12 month period.

Aidan, Steve and Tim will work together with the members hand by hand till they generate quick money. I can guarantee you, these guys are very friendly, they always reply to my emails even though they don’t know me!! So, you have a big support which guarantees big profits.

The Software:

There are about 8 or 9 software with the training. The main 3 though are:

1- Crowd Force: We talked about this above with the video 2 section (I used the software and posted one link to one of my sites in one of the scraped forums then the next day this site made a sale. I don’t claim this link was 100% the reason but who knows!!)

2- Trinity X: This is the website theme which people will build their sites on. The sites will be offer/promotion based with little written content, mostly images and video.

3- Design Master +: This is a point and click graphics creation tool that is used to create graphics of the sites.

So, you have everything to succeed; the training, the tools and the support, just take an action!!



The Trinity Code Bonus

Bonus #1 – $500 Amazon Gift Card


This bonus is available only for the first 20 buyers through this site. You can use this gift card to buy whatever you want from Amazon like iPads, iPhones,…etc. (If you want any other type of cards then it is OK BUT we don’t offer cash rebates).


Bonus #2 – Live Mastermind Session

Live message

Aidan, Tim and Steve are going to be running a number of live masterminds for buyers of The Trinity Code where they will run through more advanced techniques and tips and will be answering questions and generally helping people along in the process.


Bonus #3 – Commission Blueprint Evolution


Commission Blueprint Evolution is an affiliate marketing course that we released last year by Tim and Steve. Check what people who get access to this product will receive. You can see the sales page here


Bonus #4 – Squidoo Profit Plan


You’ll see the exact method that Aidan uses to earn $1000′s leveraging Squidoo. In the Squidoo Profit Plan you’ll discover:

How to tap into big budget TV advertising and earn daily commissions as a result (without even needing a website)
The free Google tool that’ll show you beyond a doubt whether a product is worth looking at (and how used it to analyze “Slap Chop” and “Ped Egg”!)
The 4 factors you need to consider before choosing a product to promote on Squidoo…(skip this step and the method won’t work)
How to build an optimized Squidoo lens, and the secret to getting Squidoo pages ranked at the top of Google…
How finding a “hole” in your lead product can massively increase your overall sales and income (and the types of “holes” to look for)
The “sales flow” Adian uses and how you can replicate it to get similar conversions…



Bonus #5 – Premium Graphics Pack


One of the biggest challenges you face when creating a new project are getting graphics..

And graphics fees can add up, whether you hire a designer or buy pre-made graphics and templates… $10 here for a web button, $40 there for a web banner and more complicated graphics can cost much more.

So to save you both time and money, we have put together this premium graphics pack consisting of 3 separate graphics packages and 225 different graphics elements all together.

Here are the 3 graphics packs you are going to get…

Banner Templates - for creating promo banners. They each have a simple and clean design that can be used for any market. Just add your own text (and maybe an image) and you have a great looking banner in minutes. These templates come in several different sizes and colors.

Web Sliders. These are templates for creating web sliders for your website projects. They also have a very clean and modern design, and look super-slick.

Web Elements. This section contains all kinds of different graphics like stars, ribbons, buttons, stickers, tooltips, etc.. These are all the little “web elements” that add that extra touch to any design or Facebook page.


Bonus#6 – Automated Directory Service Tool

widesoftwarebox (4)

The purpose of this tool is to help you build those foundational authority links that you need to have to help with SEO, Quality score etc. It’s designed to  be as hands off, and yet valuable as possible.

It works very simply. You maintain a database of all  your sites. Within this database, you specify a category, description, anchor text variations and the URL. The system automatically adds your site to our directories.

In addition, on an ongoing basis, we add new directories and any sites that are in the database get added to the new ones as well. So, over time, you’re just continuing to build high quality backlinks without
lifting a finger. All of this can be tracked on your  dashboard.

The directory service is a very subtle and non-spammy way to have nice backlnks built for you all the time, for all your sites, without lifting a finger.


How to Claim Your Bonus:

1- First, clear your cookies to guarantee you buy from my link (click here to learn how to clear your cookies).

2- Buy The Trinity Code from this link.

3- Forward your receipt to jumi2020[at] In this email, please choose which bonus you want.

4- I’ll contact you via email in the following 24 hours to confirm your bonus.


Again, The Trinity Code bonus is given on the first comes the first served basis. So, don’t hesitate and go buy it now while the bonuses are still available.



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